Wednesday, May 4, 2016

So this is as normal as we get as a family! I get so frustrated doing family pics everyone is so goofy. Ha ha I promised ice cream and finally got a semi decent one!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Spring Pics 2016

 Tesslei, our sweet energetic 13 month old she has 7 teeth she says mom, dad, doggie, sock, shoe, out, num a num which means any kind of food. She is the friendliest person I know she says hi and waves to everyone wherever we go.She is always smiling and happy!
 Raz is our sweet 6 year old. He is so curious and loves loves being outside more than anything else. playing with friends,jumping on the trampoline,riding his bike he has such a kind heart.
                                           Tesslei's 1 year old pic I am just know posting!
 Gavin my hard working 12 year old He loves to be doing whatever his dad is doing. He is loving school this year and has his first little girlfriend, who is a tomboy.Football and wrestling are his thing.
 This was not a posed picture I just happened to catch this sweet moment between my oldest and youngest. These two have such a special bond! He has already said how much he is going to miss watching her grow up while he is on his mission
 Treagan is my child that always tries to fly under the radar. We love this mischievous little guy. He loves wrestling and playing with his brothers and friends he is very girl crazy and recently kissed the neighbor girl.
Declan, This boy is very active he has excelled in wrestling this year taking 1st in Greco style wrestling and 1st in freestyle wrestling at the last tournament. He is starting 7 on 7 football next week. He continues to surprise me daily in everything he does.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

I usually try to do our pictures using a tripod but got so frustrated because no one cooperates so I hired someone to take them! Thank You Katy Montross!

Friday, May 15, 2015

 Brylei had fun doing track this year. She ran a medley then threw discus and shot put. This is at district,doing different events in between rainstorms. I only got a few pics because I was running back and forth to the car so they baby didn't get rained on!

Gavin finally got to do his crossing over ceremony from cub scouts to new scouts. He should have done it back in October but they haven't had any leaders for either group. He is so excited about being a boy scout in October!
 A couple of Weeks ago we took the kids to the Outdoor day that the fish and game puts on. The kids had lots of fun they got to practice fishing, go on a bear hunt with the hunting dogs, plant a tree,shoot bb guns,shoot a muzzle loader and all kinds of other activities. then they fed us all lunch.

Treagan won the drawing for the bb gun. look out neighbors!
 This is my silly 5 year old. He loves being outside. Today I caught him on the trampoline being a super hero! Super Raz to the rescue!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

 So yeah apparently I have a son old enough to go to prom! What? When the heck did that happen! I am so not ready for this stage of life! We got some cute pics of these goofy kids before they headed  off for the night! FUN TIMES PROM 2015!! Ashley Larsen as his date and friends Cassidy Griffith and Chase Yearsley!

Friday, April 24, 2015

 So seriously these two are the best of friends already he is the only one of the kids that can rock her to sleep. She will be crying and he will be the first to bring a smile to her face! After we had Razden I felt like we were done having kids. We had always said 6 was a good number for us. around the time he turned 3 I started feeling like we should have another baby. I didn't say anything to anyone even Chris. He had been saying for a few months that we should have another baby but I still didn't say anything to him. Finally I started praying about if  we were supposed to have more children. One night we went to the temple and I had been really pondering this question. Sitting there waiting for Chris I had a really strong feeling that yes we should have another baby. When we got in the car and I told Chris he was really surprised but really excited! We never said anything to the kids but a few weeks later Razden started talking about his little sister and asking when she was going to come. I would smile and tell him he was our baby and there probably weren't going to be any more babies in our family. I didn't want him to get his hopes up if it ended up not happening! Over the next few months he continued to talk about his sister and how good of a big brother he was going to be. We found out we were expecting but still said nothing to the kids we wanted to make sure everything was going to work out first. One morning when I was getting Raz out of the shower he reached up and rubbed my belly and said,I know you have a baby in there.  When I was about 7 weeks pregnant I started having really bad back pain and new it felt alot like back labor. I knew something was wrong and made an appointment with the doctor . The doctor did an ultrasound and found the heartbeat it was nice and strong but the doctor said the fetus was a little smaller than it should be. He told me to come back in two weeks unless I needed to before then. I continued to have back pain for 2 weeks Chris was out of town and I went back to the doctor at 9 weeks pregnant. This time there was no heartbeat,I had miscarried again. The doctors scheduled a D&C for a couple days later and Chris was still out of town so my mother in law took me to the hospital. When I got home I was so confused I wondered why I had felt so strongly to have another baby and then have to go through this again! I had a really warm feeling come across me and felt that it was just not the right time.  A few months later Chris got a new job that had insurance which we have never had before and we were excited about! A few months after that we felt like we should try again for a baby. Razden was still talking about his sister and every time he did it just broke my heart for him. it took longer than we wanted but soon we were expecting again. The doctors had done some bloodwork and figured out that the other pregnancy was lost do to clotting issues. They told me as soon as we knew we were pregnant to let them know and they started me on blood thinner. I almost passed out when the pharmacist was showing me how to give the shot to myself. I went home and gave myself a pep talk and never looked back every day for 9 months I gave myself a shot in the stomach.when it was time to find out the sex of the baby we took Razden with us and when the ultrasound tech asked him if he wanted a sister or a brother he said you don't have to look I already know it's a girl. Sure enough he was getting his little sister. We had a few scares and were sent to a few specialists along the way. Doctor bills started piling up and with the cost of the shots I had a pretty good idea of why before was not the right time. We now had insurance which drastically helped us not totally drown in medical bills. Tesslei finally made it here safe and sound and very healthy. she is definately worth all the struggles and issues we had to deal with and go through. Razden got his little sister and they have a very special relationship!

                                             Just a  few pics from her first few days at home

                                                                  Big brother snuggles

Thursday, April 23, 2015

 My sweet baby girl getting bigger every day!
My beautiful teenage daughter where has the time gone! She loves to stay busy and is very helpful. She has gotten good at cooking and loves to be in the kitchen. She is also on the track team,volleyball team and basketball team. she is so sweet and fun to be around! She is loving having a baby sister!
 Love these kiddos so much! I can't believe how fast time is flying and they are all growing up! I don't know what I would do with out each one of them and their unique personalities!
I did have to bribe them with ice cream to get them to take pictures!
 We blessed Tesslei on April 12th. I had a lady from the ward make her this beautiful dress out of my wedding dress. Everything on  it was from my dress.
 She was so happy about her big day! Seriously she was so smiley and happy all day and wide awake!
               Such a beautiful dress for her to pass down to her daughters some day!
This kid loves his baby sister so much!
 Tesslei Brielle arrived to join our family on Wednesday February 25th weighing in at 8 lbs. 1 oz and 20 inches long.
 The kids were so excited to come and meet their little sister. Brylei still hasn't stopped smiling!
 She was our second biggest baby.
Mommy was very tired!